Medium Square Bronze #3121-BRZ
Medium Square Cups #3121-BLK
Medium Square Black #3121-BLK
Medium Square Cups Aluminum #3121-AL
Medium Square Aluminum #3121-AL
Medium Square Cups Copper #3121-M
Medium Square Copper #3121-M
Tapered Square Cups (Bronze) #3178-BRZ
Tapered Square Bronze) #3178-BRZ
Tapered Square Cups (Galvanized) #3178-GALV
Tapered Square Galvanized #3122-GALV
Pagoda Cup #4297
Arts & Crafts Square Cups #3122-AC
Arts and Crafts Square Cups #3122-AC Small Square Cups #3121-S
Small Square Cups #3121-S
Large Square Cups #3121-L XL Square Cups #3121-XL
XL Square Cups #3121-XL
XL Square Cups Bronze #3121-XL-BRZ
XL Square Cups Bronze #3121-XL-BRZ
Pagoda Cup #4297
Large Square Cups #3121-L
Medium Square Cups Bronze #3121-BRZ Mado Cups - Aluminum #4410
Mado Cups Aluminum #4410
Slotted Square Cup #3121-AC
Slotted Square #3121-AC
Square Tulip Cup #777
Square Tulip Cup #777
Kenchiku Square Cups #KA286-SQ
Kenchiku Square Cup #KA286-SQ
Medium Square Cups Copper #3121-M
Medium Square Copper #3121-MW
* Like all of our chains, comes with a V-hook for easy installation. You can also Increase water flow function with our optional Installation kit which directs water from the gutter to the center of the chain for maximum efficiency.
UNDERSTANDING water flow ………….. Many of our customers have asked for a easy way to compare how much water each of our rain chains can handle. "Splashing", or water that escapes from the chain as it interacts with it, is also important. We have incorporated both concerns into a simple graphic, called the flow Index. Our Flow Index represents a range of performance/efficiency of our chainsso our products can be compared to each other. It is given as a range from one to five droplets and can be found on every product page. If you are unsure of what style will work for you the best please call us and we will do our best to help you make an informed decision. One thing to remember is to try your best to give us the square footage (length X width) of the roof that will carry the water down to the gutter and ultimately the rain chain. This lets us compare the chain you have selected to the amount of expected water flow.
This designates a lower water flow capacity. 1 / 5
This designates a maximum water flow capacity 5 / 5
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