Thanks for stopping by RainChains by Raven, we are the authorized Canadian importers/distributors of fine copper, steel, aluminum and cast rain chains. From round cups, to square cups, to links, to themes. We have it all. We are currently developing a Canada wide network one province at-a-time. We can easily get you started and on your way as a dealer. Simply contact us via email, or give me a call at +1-888-552-5523 and register your interest in becoming a part of our dealer network.

In recent years the world of rain chains has really grown into a popular way to conserve water, or add distinctive accents to homes, library’s, government buildings and just about anywhere else your imagination can think of. Our Rain Chains are truly a work of hand-crafted art that will attract attention and admiration from all who see them.

Our dealer starter kit includes PDF catalogues that you can print to show off the latest styles. It’s time to have fun while making money with one of the hottest products on the home and garden scene today. As water conservation becomes more-and-more vital, the demand for our unique, functional, and beautiful rain chains are increasing steadily. Once you are a part of our network we refer any incoming calls from Garden Centers, gutter companies or calls from customers in your region to you to service the client and order their rain chains.

It’s a great program and it works for all of us! In addition, we provide marketing support to all of our dealers on a regular monthly basis. Here are the steps needed to make rain chains earn money for you, whether you want to supplement an existing line that you already have, or are looking for a new adventure you have come to the right place! Remember, when you succeed, we succeed, it’s that simple. We love the sound of rain as well as what we do and it shows in all of our staff.

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