Canale’s and Rain Chains
Many homes with flat roofs have an enclosed channel or pipe, called a canale, to pass the water outside the wall where it can fall to the ground. They can be round, square or rectangular, and protrude from the wall from 4" to 12" or more. Examples of canales:
To hang a rain chain from a canale, the following guidelines will be helpful. 1. Rain chains work best with a vertical water source, where the water is pointed down onto the chain. Suspending a chain from the end of a canale doesn't work very well. 2. Closing the end of the canale is dangerous to the roof, as water can back up if the hole for the rain chain isn't large enough to drain quickly enough. This can also cause excessive splashing. At RainChainsCanada.com we fabricate custom canale extensions for our customers so they have a safe and effective way to install a rain chain from a canale. This is a sleeve that fits over the existing canale (above). We make these to order because there are so many variations in size and shape. Canale extensions, not yet installed:
Notice how the end is not completely enclosed, but has a lip. This keeps the water draining into the hole for the rain chain, unless there is a downpour and then excess water can pour out the end. Here is the first extension (left) installed (using an RCR-1 Copper installation Kit). At right is a round version of a canale , they look truly amazing when installed to the correct formula and the waiter starts to flow.
If you are interested in this special order product, please call us at (250) 929-1110. We will need a few measurements from your canale to make you a correct extension. The extensions are made in brass. We use brass because it's a far stronger material than copper, but still ages beautifully to a dark brown. PRICE: $139.95 (CAD) for a custom solution, if ordered with one of our rain chains. ***Canale only, with no rain chain is $229.95 (CAD)
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